Apparition ghost pictures are evidence of the spiritual manifestation of humans and animals within the physical environment. 

Lutheran Seminary, Gettysburg, PA.
Spirit in the window

Apparitions rarely show themselves. I took this picture when no one was in the building. Click on the picture to enlarge it. Here is some history of the Seminary;

The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg (Gettysburg Seminary) was a seminary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It was one of seven ELCA seminaries, one of the three seminaries in the Eastern Cluster of Lutheran Seminaries, and a member institution of the Washington Theological Consortium. Founded in 1826, it was the oldest continuing Lutheran seminary in the United States until it was merged with the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia to become United Lutheran Seminary on July 1, 2017.

The Gettysburg Seminary served the church as a pioneer in theological education creating among Lutheran seminaries the first faculty position in Christian Education (1926), the first teacher in sociology and psychology (1942), and the first in stewardship (1989). Gettysburg continued to add to its trail breaking in the American scene by granting tenure to a female professor (Bertha Paulssen, 1945) and graduating (Elizabeth Platz in 1965) the first woman to be ordained by an American Lutheran church body (ordained in 1970). Gettysburg Seminary was the first Lutheran seminary to admit an African American seminarian, Daniel Alexander Payne, in 1835.

During the battle of Gettysburg, the seminary, on a ridge west of the town, became a focal point of action on the first day of battle, 1 July 1863. The seminary gave its name to 'Seminary Ridge,' where the line of battle of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia was formed on 2 and 3 July 1863.

There is more than just a graveyard awaiting all of us at death...ghosts &
angels are proof of that afterlife - the spirit world that we exist within.
It has been a goal of many to understand life.  Why am I here?  Is there
life beyond the grave?  Do we live on after we die? Most consider
passing from this physical plane - "death."  But are spirits of people who
passed (ghosts) with us?  And if so, are spirit entities really dead?  And
if ghosts are simply people without bodies, are ghosts really to be
feared?  Is there another paranormal world of the unseen existing within
our midst?  Do ghost pictures prove this?  Are ghosts really among us?  
What about angels?  Do angels exist & can they simply be spirits from
the spirit world, as well?  If, so, are ghosts & angels related or maybe
even similar?  Are angel & ghost pictures evidence of the same?

Do ghosts exist?  What is an angel?  What is a ghost?
To begin searching for the answers, we suggest reading all of our ghost
and angel information, so you may gain wisdom concerning the world of
spirits.  Some religions, especially Christianity, have taught many that
ghosts do not exist.  Today, many Christians will believe in angels, but
will not even consider the existence of ghosts.  This is also due in part to
the "Hollywood" teaching of ghosts & the fear that has been created
through horror movies.  We have been taught to fear the spiritual, the
paranormal, ghosts & hauntings.  Ghost movies with haunted houses
such as The Amityville Horror, Poltergeist & The Haunted Mansion have
burned scary images into the minds of many.  Therefore, it is important
for us to seek an open mind while trying to understand the spiritual world
of ghosts & angels from a fresh perspective.


What are apparitions?  The word "apparition" comes from the Latin apparitio which means "appearance."  An apparition is the appearance of the spirit of a human or animal, becoming visible to the eyes.  Apparitions are often described as looking solid in appearance, though sometimes are visibly "see-through."  Occasionally, a full body apparition is witnessed; while other times only a part of the person or animal's spirit is seen, such as the upper body, the face, an arm, a foot, etc. 

Apparitions of the dead or dying may appear during the dying process, soon after death, or be seen repeatedly over years.  Apparitions of the dead sometimes appear as a plea for help, to complete unfinished business, or as a farewell.  Other times, apparitions will appear for apparently no reason and the spirit manifested may not be aware of the living, as though trapped in time.  Apparitions of the "living" have been seen, as well, including those who were "out of body" during
near death or out of body experiences .  The apparition ghost pictures on this page show incredible proof of the existence of the human soul after the passing of the physical body.


This photo by Mark Wolongevicz is amazing!  There are two robed figures in the photograph.
"I visited Alcatraz back in June of 2007.  I was with my girlfriend and we walked to the morgue. She walked to the showers area and I stayed to take a picture of the morgue.  I took two pictures, and you can clearly see there are a few apparitions or figures in front of the camera.  It was cloudy out that day and there was no window pane (glass) in front of me.  So there wasn't a glare from the camera.  Also the flash was off, because it was light out.  I was using a Canon PowerShot A650 IS.  I have the actual photo on hand, as there were a few people on the Internet that used my picture and claimed they took it."


Close-up of the two robed-figures from the above photograph.  Interestingly, in the above photo, a human face or skull image seems to appear on top of the back of the apparition on the right side.

Below: Apparition in doorway of an old army coastal battery gun emplacement, Ft. Howard, MD.