The Red Mill comes alive!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support BLUEGRASS AND GHOSTS.  The live Bluegrass music along with a paranormal investigation was a big hit!  Dave Jones and Scott Ladrigan came up from Kentucky and aired the whole thing live on the internet!  Craig Rupp, owner of the Wafflel House franchise, was there to host the Para-X radio show "THE PARANORMAL VIEW" W Henry Foister and Geoff Gould.  He interviewed Heather and Olivia, Rich's wife and daughter who were along on a previous investigation and later we would take them along on a new chapter of the "Sarah Van Camp" story.   Despite the rain halting the outdoor show, we quickly scrambled to get everyone set up inside the Mill where we heard one hell of a bluegrass concert!  Travis Wetzel stole the show with his "Mad Fiddle" doing such songs as the "Hungarian Chardash" among others.



Here Craig Rupp is on the air with Heather and talking about her paranormal experience.


Scott Ladrigan(left) and Dave Jones(right) are busy producing the show and making sure they get the best to the viewers around the world!


Travis Wetzel Trio, August 13th, Red Mill Museum, Clinton New Jersey

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